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Symbol of the company                 CLVL
Website link of stock exchanges     https://dps.psx.com.pk/company/CLVL

Financial highlights for previous six years upto 2023

Financial statements: 

Annual Reports 

Quarterly Accounts

Pattern of Share holding

AGM Notice for the year ended 2023

CLVL Ballot paper for voting through post 2023

CLVL Chairman & Scrutinizer Reports on Voting at AGM dtd 27 Oct 2023

Compliance Certificate 2023

EOGM Notice dated 28th April 2022

EOGM Notice of Elections of Directors

Notice of Election of Directors Dated 21 March 2024

Notice of CBS

CBS Presentation



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  • Breakup Value


Proxy Form CLVL English

Proxy Form CLVL Urdu


Rights Issue
Schedule I to the Companies Regulations, 2020
Extract of the Resolution passed by the Board of Directors

Name of Auditor of the Company 
Parker Russell-A.J.S.
Chartered Accountants. 

Name and address of share registrar 
Hameed Majeed Associates (pvt) Ltd. 
(H.M. House 7-Bank Square, LAHORE) 
TEL: 37235081-82 FAX: 37358817 


Legal Advisor

Rana Muhammad Iqbal
Advocate and Legal Consultant

Free float of Shares year June 2023 with Auditors Report

Credit Rating of CLVL


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